iPhone/iPad app FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about MyLang iPad/iPhone App

Q: I have an iPhone/iPad, how can I buy and read books on MyLang?

A: In three simple steps, you can start reading books on MyLang App

1. Install MyLang App from Apple Store and login using your mobile number.

2. Visit www.mylang.in (from India) or www.mylangbooks.com (from overseas) and purchase an ebook/audiobook of your choice. Enter your MyLang login mobile number while placing the order and complete the purchase.

3. Go back to MyLang app. The ebook(s)/audiobook(s) that you purchased will appear in your Bookshelf screen.

Q: Where should I download the iPhone/iPad app from?

A: Visit https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mylang-books/id1498919479?ls=1 to download MyLang iOS App.

Q: Can I buy books from within the MyLang iOS app?

A: No. We currently do not support in-app purchase from our MyLang iOS app. You can follow the steps described above to buy books from either www.mylang.in or www.mylangbooks.com and then read/listen to the books on MyLang app.

Q: I live outside India and have a payment mechanism that supports paying in Indian rupees. Can I buy books from the India store: www.mylang.in ?

A: Yes. You can buy books from our India store even if you stay outside India as long as you have a payment mechanism that supports paying in Indian rupees.

Q: Do you support reading the same book on more than one device?

A: Yes. MyLang supports up to 3 devices for a single login account. You can login using the same mobile number on all the three devices to enjoy reading the books that you have purchased with your phone number.

Q: Can I download the book that I purchased as a PDF file and read it on my laptop/desktop?

A: No. You need to use the MyLang iPhone/iPad app to read/listen to all the books that you purchased on MyLang. We don’t support reading on laptop/desktop as of now.